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Road Armor

Navigating the Road Armor Bumper Universe, is a proud retailer of premium American-made bumpers by Road Armor. Since 2000, Road Armor has set the standard with smooth steel bumpers that prioritize quality, protection, and style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using the highest-grade steel, Road Armor products are proudly made in Texas, USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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 At Royal Roof Top Tent, we share Road Armor's commitment to excellence, providing bumpers that cater to diverse lifestyles. Beyond exceptional products, Road Armor is dedicated to supporting first responders and veterans, evident in their partnerships with organizations like the American Valor Foundation. By choosing Road Armor, you not only enhance your vehicle's style and protection but also contribute to meaningful causes, making a positive impact on the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to service.

II. Road Armor Bumpers

Road Armor takes immense pride in crafting the ultimate replacement bumper, enhancing your vehicle with utility, function, and, above all, safety for its occupants. Many of these bumpers are even engineered to accommodate a winch, exemplifying the thoughtful design that defines our products. Regular testimonials from grateful customers attest to the belief that Road Armor bumpers have spared lives in critical situations, a sentiment echoed by first responders who witness accidents daily and understand the stark alternatives. Road Armor bumpers, battle-proven and trusted by the United States and allied forces, empower your truck or jeep to become a formidable defender, ready to protect and poised to rule the road.

A. Front Winch Bumpers

Imagine this scenario: you're in the midst of an adrenaline-pumping off-road expedition, where you're pushing the boundaries of your Jeep or truck. Suddenly, you push the envelope a little too far - getting stuck in deep, unforgiving mud. This is where the power of preparedness comes into play, and having a front winch bumper becomes your ultimate savior.


Luckily you didn’t just choose any bumper - you chose a best in class Road Armor winch bumper. It ensures that your vehicle remains protected from potential damages caused by harsh off-road conditions. But its true power lies in its ability to rescue you from any sticky situation. With the ability to equip a powerful winch, this essential component allows you to effortlessly pull yourself out of deep mud pits or any other treacherous terrain. It provides peace of mind knowing that even if you encounter unexpected obstacles during your adventures, help is just a click away.


Furthermore, the front winch bumper adds an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, giving it a rugged and adventurous look that matches your spirit for exploration. It becomes an extension of your personality and showcases your dedication to conquering new challenges. Investing in a front winch bumper not only unlocks the potential for exciting off-road escapades but also ensures that safety remains at the forefront of every adventure.

Click on the links below to see a few examples of what Road armor has to offer for winch bumpers:

Winch Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard

Titan II

Winch Front Bumper with Square Light

A. Front Non-Winch Bumpers

Non-Winch Bumpers are a great option for those who want the protection of a bumper and the aesthetics but do not need the utility of a winch. See below for an examples of Road Armor's no winch bumpers:

Non-Winch Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard

II. Road Armor Stealth Winch Front Bumpers

Stealth Bumpers by Road Armor – a true masterpiece meticulously designed to seamlessly follow, complement, and accentuate the distinctive body lines of your vehicle. Proudly crafted in Texas, USA, these bumpers are available in both winch and non-winch varieties, offering optional grill and headlight guard styles to suit your preferences. Constructed with 3/16” heavy-duty steel, reinforced with 1/4” gusseting and internal bracketry, and precision-crafted through CNC laser cutting and brake forming, our Stealth Bumpers exemplify excellence in both design and durability. Welded by skilled craftsmen inside and out, these bumpers feature a direct, bolt-on design for hassle-free installation.

Boasting a superior foot-forward winch mount capable of accommodating up to a WARN 16.5ti, recessed light ports for auxiliary lighting, and a standard premium 5-stage satin black powder-coat finish. Backed by a lifetime structural warranty, these bumpers offer the assurance of long-lasting performance. Please note that while the winch and lights are not included, royalrooftoptent is happy to offer compatible options. Ask us about a bundle discount!


II. Road Armor Stealth Non-Winch Front Bumpers

As pioneers in multi-faceted steel bumper design since 2000, Road Armor have consistently led the industry. Amidst a sea of manufacturers, we encourage you to discern the difference – The Road Armor difference – recognizing that not all replacement bumpers are created equal. There is no substitute for the Original Road Armor Bumpers, proudly 100% Made in Texas, USA, and fortified by our Lifetime Guarantee. Our commitment to quality is evident in our meticulous 5-stage powder coating process, ensuring durability and lasting performance. From the initial power wash to the final quality control, each step is a testament to our dedication to excellence. 

II. Road Armor Stealth Rear Winch Bumpers.

Click some of the links below to explore a few options:

road armor stealth 61000b 1999-2007

armor stealth 61000b 1999-2007 ford


IV. Vehicle-Specific Bumpers

A. GMC Models

Road Armor offers a comprehensive range of aftermarket products in the GMC Stealth front and rear Series, catering to various GMC models and model years. For GMC 1500 trucks from 2014 to 2018, options include the Base, Pre-runner, SM, Pre-Runner, Lonestar, Titan 2, and Intimidator truck bumpers, available in both winch and non-winch configurations. The 2008 to 2013 GMC sierra 1500 series has the 37600B and 37604B bumpers. The 2500/3500 series from 2003 to 2022 boasts a variety of front and rear bumper options, such as the 2202F0B, 2202F4B, 2202F3B, 215R0B, 215R4B, 215R5B, 38400B, 38404B, and more. Each bumper is thoughtfully designed for specific GMC models and model years, providing choices for various preferences, including winch upgrades, pre-runner styles, and headache racks for enhanced utility. 

B. Jeep Wrangler Series

Road Armor's Jeep Stealth Series stands as the pioneer in smooth steel products, offering a tailored solution for Jeep enthusiasts. Specifically designed to complement and accentuate the unique body lines of Jeep wrangler JL, Jeep wrangler JK 2007-2018 - 2024, and Jeep Gladiator, these bumpers and accessories are constructed with heavy-duty steel, ensuring durability and resilience against various obstacles. The Stealth Jeep Series includes versatile options such as shackle mounts, bed rack systems, body armor, tire carriers, full width fender flares, spare tire carriers, and rocker guards. The modular design allows for easy freedom panel removal, and the products are equipped with features like CNC laser-cut steel, precision brake forming, and a premium 5-stage textured black powder-coat finish. The jeep wrangler JL road armor stealth full width winch front bumper with sheetmetal bar guard and rear bumper with tire carrier is a popular combination.

II. Road Armor Stealth Non-Winch Rear Bumpers. 

III. Winch Integration

A. Stealth Winch

road armor stealth 408r2b 2010-2018

stealth 408r2b 2010-2018 dodge ram

armor stealth 408r2b 2010-2018 dodge

stealth 408r2b 2010-2018 dodge ram

road armor stealth 44045b 2003-2005

armor stealth 44045b 2003-2005 dodge

stealth 44045b 2003-2005 dodge ram

road armor vaquero 315vf6b 2015-2019

armor vaquero 315vf6b 2015-2019 chevy

road armor stealth 44100b 2003-2009

armor stealth 44100b 2003-2009 dodge

road armor stealth 618s0b 2008-2016

armor stealth 618s0b 2008-2016 ford

stealth 44100b 2003-2009 dodge ram

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