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RSI SmartCap EVO Sport For Ford F-150 Long or Short Bed

Unveiling the RSI SmartCap Evo Sport: The Ultimate Truck Cap for Ford F-150

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When it comes to enhancing the functionality and style of your Ford F-150, the RSI SmartCap Evo Sport stands out as a top-tier choice. This truck cap is made from stainless steel, redefines the capabilities of the F-150. In this article, we explore the innovative features and design elements that make the RSI a real attention grabber in the world of truck accessories.

Smartcap EVO Sport Matte Black For Ford F-150 5.5 Foot Short Bed or Long Bed

Smartcap is Forged from Stainless Steel

The RSI SmartCaps are created with precision and durability, this smartcap is forged from strong automotive-grade stainless steel, ensuring that it's more than just an accessory – it's a bruiser ready for any challenge your F-150 encounters. Evo can hold on the enclosed truck bed 770 lbs while parked and 300+ in motion. Buy RSI Smartcap undefined by traditional truck bed limitations - organize your bed to fit your life.

Weatherproof Design and Innovative Sealing Method

Properly installed makes the smartcap completely weatherproof. The 5-piece design includes an innovative sealing method that, when properly installed, keeps road dust outside. Sleekly designed into the top Positive Pressure air vent filters fresh air into the enclosed bed rather than allowing moisture in. 

RSI SmartCap Evo Sport for F-150: Built Like a Truck, Designed for Excellence

Maximum Utility with Rails and Components: On the top of the smartcap - The integrated roof rails allow you to utilize the SmartCap for full-size applications, making it a versatile choice. These tools of the trade to the utensils, combined with the 5-piece design, let you organize your truck bed exactly with full-size smartcap applications. The SmartCap components, such as the positive pressure air vent and the high-mounted third brake light, enhance functionality and safety, static capacity of 330 lbs when moving and a whopping 770 lbs when parked will not disappoint. Transport safely cap at a greater velocity and organize your bed to fit your life. The smartcap comes with the ability to utilize other smartcap components. The PPV air vent protects greater velocity than the enclosed bed and filters fresh air into the cap.

Designed for the F-150: It's a bruiser is more than brawn for the F-150, capable of handling the toughest tasks. At we're very good at crossing t's and dotting them, ensuring a perfect fit to your late model and making Smartcap the perfect companion for the back of your F-150.

The Cap for the F-150 is a testament to RSI SmartCap's commitment to providing a truck cap that goes beyond expectations. Whether it's the weather-proof design, the truck's third brake light to illuminate, the versatile rail system, or the robust construction, the SmartCap Evo Sport is designed to exceed your F-150's demands while complementing its built-like-a-truck essence.

Gullwing Door Openings and High-Mounted Third Brake Light

Smartcap's gullwing door openings are approximately 17 inches, taller than most fiberglass caps—making it easier to access your cargo or slide in a full-bin. Smartcap incorporates a high mounted designed a portal window for seeing out from inside the smartcap. Ensure your smartcap is perfectly enclosed bed is capable of sucking air via the PPV vent. Components for mounting - components like the rail system and load bars make mounting rooftop tents also an option. The high-mounted third brake light illuminates the bed. This light to illuminate the bed allows your truck's third brake to ensure visibility and safety during your travels.

SmartCap Components for Organized Adventures

SmartCap components let you organize your bed exactly how you want. The cap is designed with flexibility to haul taller loads and offers a full-bin for your tools on one side. If you need that extra space, drop in a full-bin for the bed to fit your life. See fitment guidelines – to ensure the perfect fit. Whether you're going for a dinner under the stars, braving freezing temps, or organizing your truck bed for an off-road adventure, will love to help.

Ordering and Fitment Guidelines

The SmartCap ships directly to your home, allowing for a convenient purchase it online and have it shipped. It could be correctly said it's built like a truck and one of the few quality truck topers that ship to residences, get the idea. Fitment guidelines ensure that the SmartCap is perfectly fit to your late model Ford F-150. It is a real attention grabber when slamming on the brakes, designed for excellence from top to bottom.


In conclusion, the this is more than your grandfather's truck cap; it's a lifestyle upgrade for your Ford F-150. With a design built like a truck, innovative features, and the flexibility to organize your bed exactly how you want, the SmartCap Evo Sport is the perfect companion for your off-road adventures. Experience the bruiser that exceeds expectations – Purchase your new smartcap evo online at Comprehensive warranty on all smartcap parts and workmanship is included with purchase.

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