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RSI Smartcap

 I. Proud To Offer RSI SmartCap Products and Truck Caps


RoyalRoofTopTent is proud to offer SmartCap. A revolutionary solution in the realm of truck caps and more. Originating in South Africa and introduced to the US marketplace at SEMA 2019, the RSI SmartCap is a welcome innovation for truck caps/toppers/camper shells.

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Their move to Fort Worth, Texas in 2022 marked a significant milestone, bringing the exceptional qualities of SmartCap to American truck enthusiasts. Customers will tell you - it's not merely an accessory; it's a lifestyle upgrade in many ways.


SmartCap has swiftly become a sought-after choice for truck owners seeking a superior alternative to fiberglass options. It's not your grandfather's truck cap. It's built like a truck, not like a boat. All Rsi Smart cap products are built with automotive-grade stainless steel and bring a refreshing style to an industry that has been comfortable for years.

With key features such as easy installation, captivating aesthetics, and customizability, SmartCap stands out as a versatile and stylish solution for truck owners. The convenience of ordering this top-tier camper shell directly to your home further adds to its allure, making SmartCap a game-changer in the world of hard shell bed covers.


Rsi Smartcap EVO Sport Series truck cap and Smartcap Evoa Adventure


The RSI SmartCap EVO Sport and EVOa Adventure are arguably the hottest camper shells on the market. Often on backorder for the most popular truck models. these caps can be tricky to find in stock! 


The EVO sport and EVOa Adventure are known for integrated customization options and catering to the offroad adventure lifestyle. Their unique 5-piece design makes them easier to ship compared to traditional fiber glass flatbed shells. Adding to their popularity, smartcap is the only hard-shell truck-cap that can be delivered to your home for personal installation.

The features that separate these rugged truck canopy shells from traditional ones are the following:


-Positive Pressure Air Vent ensures fresh air intake at a higher velocity than the enclosed bed's air intake

-Integrated roof rails allow you to utilize various Smart-Cap Components for mounting rooftop tents, bikes, kayaks, and ladders

-Innovative sealing technique guarantees comprehensive weatherproofing when correctly installed.

-Gullwing Door openings offer around 17% more height compared to most fiber glass caps. This deign allows you to access your truck bed from either side of your stainless steel truck

-Integrated accessories for a smartcap bed include: kitchen bin, half or full bin, drawer bin, drop racks, platform racks, cross bars.

The difference between RSI Smartcap truck bed caps: EVO Sport and EVOa

The EVO sport includes The doggy window. 

Rsi Smartcap EVO sport includes The doggy window

A big selling point for many customers. The Sport's Gullwing Side Door comes with a with tinted sliding window.


The Adventure comes with double-walled stainless steel gullwing doors for durability. 


In other words, the EVOa side doors are solid stainless steel construction for durability.  While the Sport's side doors comes with a tinted sliding window.

Smartcap EVOc Commercial Truck Bed Caps product description


A great option for the electrician, HVAC technician, or anyone that considers themselves a handyman. The EVOc Commercial is very similar to the EVOa Adventure. The major difference being that the EVOc only comes in white and is catered to commercial trucks. 


Features are all shared among the EVO models however the EVOc has an option for a security screen in the rear hald door fixed window.


 For those moments when you need to transport taller loads, the EVOc offers an uncomplicated removal process, converting your commercial rig to a conventional pickup in less than 15 minutes.


Favorite components for the EVOc are the drop rack or roller rack component as they allow easy access to your roof top storage such as ladders or lumber. Build the ultimate commercial truck bed cap system to fit your life with EVO Commercial.


II. What Smartcap truck beds do differently


Smartcap, especially the EVO line by RSI, redefines the truck accessory landscape with its advanced features and innovative design. The components of Smart-cap allow for straightforward shipping and installation directly at residential homes, eliminating the need for finding and traveling to a dealer in the area. Crafted from tough and durable materials, including stainless steel, Smart-cap offers unparalleled protection and a sleek aesthetic compared to traditional fiberglass truck toppers.

Inspired by the challenging terrains of South Africa's Serengeti, the EVO series, including the Smart-cap EVO and EVO Sport, is purpose-built for off-road enthusiasts. Whether it's the robust gullwing doors, the seamlessly integrated accessories, or the 5-piece modular stainless steel design, every aspect of Smart-cap reflects a commitment to quality and functionality. The optional features, such as roof racks, drawer systems, and a functional camp kitchen, cater to diverse needs, making Smart cap a versatile solution for truck customization. With a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs in motion and an impressive 770 lbs when parked, Smart cap ensures it can handle heavy-duty tasks.

The Smartcap also addresses the need for fresh air and ventilation with features like the Positive Pressure Air Vent, maintaining a continuous flow of fresh air while keeping road dust and debris out. Whether you're driving a Tacoma, a Toyota Tacoma, or any classic truck, Smartcap components provide a customizable solution to organize your flatbed exactly how you want. We let you organize your truck bed your way - to create the bed to fit your life. The direct-to-home shipping option, along with its unique design, emphasizes convenience, making it easy for users to build and organize their trucks according to their preferences. Whether you are looking for a flatbed cap system, incredible protection for your truck bed, or a customizable storage option, Smartcap's wide range of options, from the EVO series to the Smartcap EVOA Adventure, ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your truck and lifestyle.


III. Real-life applications of RSI Smartcap EVO sport, EVOa, and EVOc


    1. Campers and Overlanders:
      • EVO provides a safe enclosure to camp. Weather proof and can fit your mattress. Or purchase the platform rack, install a roof top tent, and use the bed space for storage. Use the kitchen component for cooking.
    2. Emergency Responders:
      • Emergency responders appreciate the organized storage options of the SmartCap EVO for carrying essential equipment in emergency situations.
    3. Sports Coaches and Teams:
      • A practical choice for sports teams, the SmartCap EVO simplifies the transportation of sports equipment for practices and games.
    4. Commercial Services:
      • Businesses offering on-the-go services benefit from the SmartCap EVO's secure storage, ensuring efficient transport of tools and equipment.
    5. Fishing and Hunting Enthusiasts:
      • Carrying fishing gear, hunting equipment, and other essentials required for outdoor pursuits. We find many customers enjoy the small sliding dog window of the EVO Sport so their dogs can have their heads out without a risk of jumping out!


IV. How Smartcap modular truck cap works (install)


Rsi Smartcap accessories include the roller rack, smartcap kitchen and more


Roller Rack - Heavy-duty roof rack forged of automotive-grade steel. Has rollers and ample tie-downs for securing your load.


Platform Rack - Creates a large surface and practically infinite mounting points to secure your payload. Forged from stainless steel fits directly into the integrated roof rails.


Drop Rack - Drop down roof rack for making loading and unloading of cargo a snap. Drop rack provides plenty of accessible storage.


The Kitchen-Bin*- loaded with a cutting board and secure storage for the included dishes, cookware, spices, etc. 

*Camp Stove and Propane not included 

Full-Bin - Fills the entire side opening and provides Molle Panels to secure toole or equipment.


Half-Bin - Fills half of the opening—leaving the other half to access your bed and cargo.


Drawer-Bin - Lets you organize and safely store tools and equipment.


Load Bars- An alternative to a full roof rack. Great for mounting tents, bikes, ladders, etc.  


Fits most classic trucks such as Toyota Tacoma!


-Silverado/Sierra 1500 (New Body)
-Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 HD (New Body)
-Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab
-Colorado/Canyon Extended Cab
    -F250/F350 Super Duty
    -Ranger Crew Cab
    -Ranger Extended Cab
        -RAM 1500 DT (New Body)
        -RAM 1500 DS (Classic Body)
        -RAM 2500/3500 (New Body)
        -RAM 2500/3500 (Classic Body)


            VI. Get your Smartcap Evo sport and Smartcap Evoa Adventure Today


            Order online while stock is available and we will have your new truck-cap shipped directly to your home!


            VII. RSI SmartCap FAQ


            Is the rsi smartcap worth it?

            Yes! If you have decided you want a truck-cap RSI is a best in class option. A Smartcap is an investment for years to come. In our experience, customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchase and highly recommend them!


            Who owns rsi smartcap?

            -Smartcap is a private company based out of Eden Park, South Africa with a new US headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.


            Can you open rsi smartcaps from the inside?

            Currently, No. Smartcap is working on a locking/opening mechanism to be released in 2024. They released the following statement:

            "We are currently in the development of a new locking/latching mechanism that will have the ability to be opened from inside the cap, as well as address the freezing issues that some customers in colder climates have experienced. They are designed to be easily retrofitted to our current caps, and we expect them to be ready for release sometime later this year."

            There are creative solutions to work around this you can find in automotive forums.


            Where to buy rsi smartcap?

            We recommend for best in class customer support and pricing! Purchase it online and have it shipped to your home or a local mechanic for install!


            What does a SmartCap do?

            Transforms your flat bed into a mobile storage solution or even an off road tent of sorts. Provides a durable, customizable, and weatherproof enclosure for the bed, while smartcomponents let you organize for off-road adventures, organized storage, and efficient cargo transportation. 

            With the integrated roof rails and optional rack system transport your roof top tent, kayak, and more with ease.


            How much is SmartCap?

            Ranging from $3,695 - $ 4,495 depending on the model.


            What is the load rating of the SmartCap?

            330 lbs in motion and an impressive 770 lbs when parked.


            Can SmartCap be painted?

            Your local, reputable, automotive pain shop should be able to paint your Smartcap. Call them to confirm!


            What is the roof capacity of the RSi?

            770lbs dynamic load capacity and 330 lbs static load capacity.


            What is a SmartCap for trucks?

            A new truck-bed cap solution that can be delivered and installed at home.  A versatile and stylish solution for various truck owners' needs, from off-roading to storing tools on the jobsite or transporting pets to the park. 


            How much does the SmartCap weigh?

            Assembled: 200-250LBS

            Packaged: 300-350 LBS


            Is RSI SmartCap waterproof?

            RSI Smartcap is fully weatherproof meaning it will not let water or wind inside. If it was dropped into a lake, it is not waterproof and water would eventually find its way in.


            Do smartcaps leak?

            Smartcaps do not leak when assembled correctly!


            What is the point of a truck cap?

            Storage, Security, shelter, and more!


            How much does SmartCap shipping cost?

            At we generally cover shipping for Smartcap products. That's a savings of $250 (LTL Freight) when you shop with us!


            Find what you are you searching for.