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TentBox Roof Tents - Fast & Free USA Shipping



RoyalRoofTopTent is proud to be an official reseller of TentBox. The sensational Adventure brand from across the pond! Founded  2014 in a British garage, TentBox has grown to become the best selling UK tent brand my a mile.


While their exceptional reputation of quality, style, and simplicity proceeds them in the UK. We'll explain below why they were able to grow big enough to even make an impression here in the USA!


Rooftop Tents were a niche hobby in Britain in the 1950s and TentBox has capitalized on their head start. Back then roof racks were hard to come by, limiting early RTT popularity. Today, TentBox's unique engineering has desinged roof top tents to fit nearly any vehicle. From compact luxury cars like Audi's to rugged Jeep Wrangers, a TentBox makes it possible to rock a roof top tent on your vehicle!


If you don't believe us, check out the TentBox GO or TentBox Lite at 79LBS and 110LBS respectively. Virtually every vehicle's roof is engineered to support that light weight.


For more seasoned overlanders with heavy duty vehicles, TentBox didn't forget about you! The TentBox Cargo (163lbs) may not be lightweight but if you're vehicle can support it you will be hard-pressed to find a higher quality roof top tent with more features!


In 2022 TentBox finally made it's USA debut and American Overlanding scene has never been better. For those looking for a stylish, lightweight, fast shipping, and affordable Rooftop Tent, look no further than TentBox! Check out their tents below and call or text RoyalRoofTopTent (469-809-1663) with any questions you may have.


TentBox x

Tentbox Lite XL and TentBox Lite 2.0 Roof Tents


TentBox Lite XL - 4 Person - $2,295.00

TentBox Lite XL -

  • Sleeps - 4 Person
  • Weight - 137 LBS 
  • Mattress - 71in x 94in "Super King"
  • Colors - Slate Grey, Forrest Green, or Sunset Orange
  • Skylights - Two Skylights
  • Fast & Free Shipping



    TentBox Lite 2.0 - 2 Person - $1,695.00

    TentBox Lite 2.0 -
    • Sleeps - 2 Person
    • Weight - 110 LBS (Very Light!)
    • Mattress - 51in x 87in
    • Colors - Slate Grey, Forrest Green, or Sunset Orange
    • Skylights - Two Skylights
    • Fast & Free Shipping



    TentBox Classic and Cargo


    TentBox Classic - 2 Person - $2,795.00

    TentBox Classic x
    • Sleeps - 2 Person
    • Weight - 141 LBS 
    • Mattress - 49in x 83in
    • Colors - Slate Grey
    • Integrated Storage
    • Fast & Free Shipping




    TentBox Cargo - 2 Person - $2,995.00

    TentBox Cargo - 2 Person -
    • Sleeps - 2 Person
    • Weight - 163 LBS 
    • Mattress -  49in x 83in
    • Colors - Slate Grey
    • Cargo Bar Accessory
    • Fastest setup in 30 seconds
    • Fast & Free Shipping


    TentBox GO- 2 Person - $1,999.00

    TentBox GO - 2 Person -
    • Sleeps - 2 Person
    • Weight - 73 LBS (World's Lightest RTT!!)
    • Mattress - 45in x 87in
    • Colors - Slate Grey
    • With it's lightweight design, can fit any vehicle!
    • Fast & Free Shipping




    The Benefits of TentBoxing

    Picture this, it's 2013 and you and your best friend decide you want to see every back road the USA has to offer. You plan your route, pack your snacks, and set a date to take off. All you have to do now is figure out where to sleep.

    You like the idea of saving money on hotels and experiencing nature under the stars. You consider a ground tent but don't want want the hassles of sleeping on the ground with the critters. Your friend has a brilliant idea. She begins her research on roof top tents for your car.

    Well, being 2013, you look through your limited RTT options. You can't seem to find a car tent option less than 135 LBS. Your Honda Civics' roof only supports 130LBS.  Drats! Your RTT road trip dream ends before it began. Your friend leaves you for their overland-fanatic-neighbor with his lifted truck and fancy roof top tent. A tale as old as time before 2014.

    Flashforward to today - you discover TentBox! A new and improved roof top tent that is light enough to fit onto any vehicle with a roof. With their lightest options - The TentBox GO weighing in at just 75LBS.

    You and your friend put a TentBox on your car. Every night for a summer you park your car and your car roof acts more like a bedroom than a tent. You travel all around the country visiting course campsites, finding free places to park, and taking in amazing elevated views. Travel is cheap. Your Honda Civic has become more like a campervan with a nose for a flat grassy pitch. Compared to your ground tent you notice your TentBox has a comfier mattress and is a more breathable habitat with better airflow.

    Avoid another humdrum summer of excuses "My car is too small for a road trip!". Not anymore! Impress your neighbor who has the excessively lifted overlanding truck. Climb up your ladder rungs to watch the stars and you'll be set with what we've built. Let TentBox provide you with memories that last a lifetime!


    Key Features and Premium materials

    Crafted by a team of product specialists each TentBox tent in uniquely engineered. The chosen production materials have had a serious appreciation from customers. Feedback was great. Lots of people first install tentbox, say during winter, and admire the warmth from the insulating air barrier.

     Despite the name TentBox is more than a simple tent or box. See below for tonnes of new features on what's included:

    • Steel-reinforced honeycomb-aluminium base
    • Aluminium framework (with no frame assembly required)
    • Gas struts raise aluminum frame automattically
    • 210d polyester
    • Integrated led lights
    • Stainless steel components
    • Cover is waterproof (c6 dwr) and UV resistant
    • Rated for winds up to 39mph with its natural air barrier
    • Vents help promote airflow
    • Speed of set-up:  takes just 60 seconds to pop it open.
    • Water-repellency so inside is a dry place
    • Windows come with zippable fly-mesh (zips are ykk)
    • Seams are Silicon tapes

    With a TentBox everything is possible. Keep your tentbox on your car all year round and choose to go as you please. Pop your tent and be inside within minutes.

    Need more help to justify this initial investment? Contact us at or please reach out via chat. We will make sure that the model you choose to go on top of your car is one you will love. 

    Find what you are you searching for.